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Gordon Ramsey and Horse meat trouble

message posted 16-May-07 17:19:34
I did not see the episode of the F word where Gordon offered horse meat to people. Apparently the horsey people are pissed off and dumped a pile of horse manure outside claridges restaurant. (see article)

Anyway what is the big deal, horse meat tastes fantastic. In France most meat on a Monday is horse from the Butchers, because if they sell out over the weekend then the good old horse comes out.

What do you think ?

CURSING chef Gordon Ramsay has gone and dung it this time.

Activists dressed as horses yesterday dumped a ton of manure outside his upmarket restaurant at Claridge's Hotel in London.

The pile of poo was in protest at the chef's Channel 4 show The F-Word last night in which journalist Janet Street-Porter ate horse meat.

She was seen at Cheltenham during Gold Cup week offering punters a taste and asking what they thought about it. Later, in the studio, Ramsay told her the meat tastes "gamey" and is packed with protein.

But Anita Singh, of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, slammed the Scots chef.

She said: "Ramsay has really landed himself in deep dung with his latest gimmick.

"Will it be a family dog next? Chickens, pigs, cows and horses all suffer fear and discomfort when they are robbed of their lives for nothing more than a fleeting taste or a TV rating."

An F-Word spokesman said Street-Porter was "exploring the viability" of an alternative red meat and its merits.

He added: "We didn't try to seek to suggest anything other than the paramount importance of the ethical welfare of any animals bred for consumption."

message posted 27-May-07 14:05:39
What I found in another article was quite funny. One of the horse protestors said 'what next the family dog".

Well my response is hey why not, there are more people in asia than europe and they eat the family dog, so based on consumption of dog I can therefore deduce that we in Europe are obviously wrong and SHOULD be eating our dogs.

This is a response to the Horsey people, at least with cows, sheep, pigs that are consumed in a "respectable manner" horses on the other hand end up at the Knackers yard and turned into dog food for your Family DOG to enjoy.

So if your dog can eat horse why cant we?

Another one for horsey people, do you enjoy traditional Italian Salami ? Well if you do you are enjoying horse meat like the rest of us !.


Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 27-Jan-09 15:54:18
Looks Like Gordons got more troubles than his horse meat affair.

(double play ) - Get it Horse meat as in above story and affair as in shagging around. GET IT !!

I am good. He he

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