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Website SEO

message posted 03-Jun-07 12:16:09
Most self employed chefs or catering businesses have a website. The trick is how to improve your websites pagerank, keywords and links.

There are a lot of companies out there that will charge you the earth to get you a top page rank, but if you have the time you can do this yourself.

You can start with this list and submit your site to these web directories, there are an esimated 900 000 web directories out there.

If anyone out there has any catering specific links or directories to add to please let us know, so we can all benefit.

message posted 23-Aug-07 21:11:18
Thanks for the insight Kman

I am going to expand slightly on this.

I get hundreds of emails and phone calls from companies saying they will get my site to the top of the rankings. So how do you know they will produce?

Download a google toolbar.
Type in their web address, bring up their site. Look on the google toolbar and it will show you their pagerank, if this is 3 or below forget it.
If they come up 4 and above then look at their meta tags, this will be found at the very top of the page. for example in the blue right at the top is ChefsWorld - Forum, Chefs jobs, catering jobs.

These are the "keyword" for the search engines.
So if theirs is for example : seo specialists, type into google : seo specialists

If they are in the top 20 then concider using them, if not forget it

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