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Yeah Right !!!

message posted 08-May-07 10:17:16

Check out this article

Visitors to a major British pub chain can not only enjoy a good meal but also be sure where their food has come from. The Chef and Brewer, with more than 150 outlets, has become one of the first pub chains to introduce menu transparency and has also adopted the British Pig Executive quality standard mark for its pork.

Bpex foodservice trade sector manager Tony Goodger said: "We have been tracing their supply chain and seeing where new links needed to be forged in the supply chain to qualify for the QSM.

"Many people believe what they are eating is British produce when it is in fact imported. This move will cut through the misunderstandings."

Head of Food for Chef and Brewer Paul Farr said: "It is key for both ourselves and our customers that what we are serving is top quality and what better way than using quality standard mark pork."

Top Quality in a PACKET ! I think, does anyone know differently ?

message posted 08-May-07 10:29:25
As a relief chef I occasionaly have to work in these 'Retail Park Pubs'

Anyway as you all know it comes in packets. After serving the 200rdth customer a waitress comes in with this shocked look on her face and says that a customer thinks his mash potato came out of a packet. I promptly give her 5 and tell her to buy him a drink.

I think this country cannot sink any lower in terms of the public being conned about crap food for so long now that when they eat cheap crap they love it.

I dont know if anyone has read some of my previous posts, anyway my wife has cancer and I have gone totally organic nazi. To get back to the point of the country being conned for so long. When we were looking at Chemo (have decided against) I asked the oncologist adout diet and specifically to help boost the immune system, he said that my wife looked well and I was obviously doing it right. In another NHS dietry booklet it says to drink fizzy drinks to help keep weight on.! Can you believe this even the doctors have fallen for the 'crap food con'

If i was not a chef, I probably would have listened to the idiots that is the scary thing !
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 06-Nov-07 20:45:12
Kman sorry to hear about your wife.

My sister had breast cancer, she also chose not to have Chemo, but a drug called Ukraine together with vitamin c infusions.

She also changed her diet to totally organic and vegertarian. Six months after her diagnosis she was given the all clear.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves is food, I feel exactly the same way you do about doctors, they have totally forgotten about diet, the cheapest most cost effective remedy available to everyone.

Kitchen Bitch
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