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Australia never been better for chefs

message posted 26-Jul-07 11:48:13
The annual government guide to Australian jobs was launched yesterday, and shows that accountants, electricians and those in the medicine industry have good prospects – and they'll get extra points when emigrating too.

It seems that chefs are in demand in australia and it has never been beter to get a visa. Mind you guys just make sure that you have all the fact before you make the leap, The chefs grass is not alwayse greener on the other side.

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Joe Hockey, launched Australian Jobs 2007 yesterday, a guide providing the latest information on over 400 jobs and trades in the Australian labour market, including past employment trends and projected employment growth.
The guide is a great resource for anyone planning a move Down Under, as it helps to highlight which areas and trades are on the up, plus what each job typically involves. It's also essential for any Brits hoping to relocate to Australia via a skilled migration visa.

"Accountants, electricians, medical scientists, chefs and plumbers are listed as having good job prospects over the next five years," and catering jobs. "The new guide is well worth looking at for those thinking about their careers. The publication also provides comprehensive labour market information for each state and territory. Australian Jobs 2007 provides an analysis of labour market growth over the past five years and also points to where the job opportunities are likely to be in the next five years."

Most of the jobs with "good prospects" also coincide nicely with Australia's Migration Occupations on Demand cirthin the catering sector and especially chefs jobs.

I have met a few aussie chefs who reckon that in the summer the kitchens are a nightmare to work in and that the tax is bad, so they come over here for six months and sort out temp catering jobs here

Australia’s restaurants, cafes and accommodation hotels are leading the charge in the race to attract people to hospitality apprenticeships and traineeships following the industry’s battle to fill some 16,000 positions.

Cooks, chefs, bakers, and pastry cooks are particularly in hot demand as commercial cookery jobs were proving to be the hardest to fill.

Restaurant and Catering Australia CEO John Hart says the industry is encouraging young people to take another look at the hospitality industry when contemplating apprenticeships and traineeship options.

"Jobs in restaurants, cafes and hotels are just the ticket. After all, what other career can take you to the best tourism destinations Australia and the world has to offer, while you are learning and earning," says Hart.

As the largest employer of apprentices and trainees, the hospitality industry has worked closely with government and other industry groups to improve commercial cookery apprenticeships as part of the $22.9 million Institute for Trade Skills Excellence campaign.

"With renewed emphasis on practical training, we’re skilling people up to be able to walk in to any commercial kitchen in the world and confidently prepare a wide range of high quality dishes using contemporary methods and the freshest ingredients," says Hart.

"It’s not just cooking talent that we’re nurturing – we’re also providing the business management and supervisory skills that can be taken anywhere, with the view to nurturing future business managers and owners of hotels and restaurants."
message posted 07-Feb-08 13:37:22
I never realised that Australia and New Zealand were so in the shit for Chefs until I saw a newspaper advert by the Oz government saying that the Uk is Crap and that Oz is better.

My question is where are all the Aussies going, cant be too F** great if they dont even want to live there, and then slag off the UK to try and get us poor saps to go there.

Are the Sheila's still there ?
message posted 27-Jul-08 23:00:20
All the natives are too busy starring in Neighbours to do any cooking. They need us LOL
message posted 19-Jan-10 01:05:54
You guys know how hard to work in the kitchen and Australia have hips of opportunities in other trades that can provide more than you can earn being a chef that's why the temptations in switching trades for the locals is really high, in addition the Government provides a lot of assistance when it comes to education and training for all kinds of trade. Mostly newcomer immigrants who uses this trade qualification doesn't stay in the field to long once they get their resident visas that is why job oppenings for this stressfull job is always high.
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