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Australian Truffles

message posted 18-Jul-07 10:35:00
They are black, can grow as big as tennis balls and are found in the ground outside Perth by bomb and cocaine sniffer dogs.

Nicknamed "Down Under black gold", the West Australian-grown black truffle is causing a sensation in America's finest restaurants.

US chefs, not used to buying the prized fungi during the northern hemisphere summer, can't get enough.

America's fine food supermarket, Balducci's, is selling the Australian produced truffle for $US1495 ($NZ1924) a pound (0.45kg), or $US373.75 ($NZ481) for a quarter of a pound, and the New York Times recently dedicated a story to the down under truffle.

One of America's great restaurants, French Laundry, located in Californian wine country north of San Francisco, is using the truffle.

"You have to re-think your summer menu to use black truffles because you usually associate them with winter," Dan Silverman, chef at Manhattan restaurant Lever House, told the NY Times.

The truffles are grown by Australia's Wine and Truffle Company near Manjimup, south of Perth.

About 10 years ago the company inoculated 13,000 hazelnut trees with Perigord black truffle spores and is now reaping the benefits, last year harvesting 90 kilograms of truffles.

This year the harvest quadrupled.

The bomb and drug sniffer dogs, with their well-trained noses, are used to locate the truffles below the ground at harvest time.

Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, its truffle season, between June and September, is opposite to the European truffle season.

The quality of the Australian product allows chefs the world over to use fresh truffles in the Northern Hemisphere summer.

Truffles are favoured by chefs for their intense aroma and are used in meat, fowl and pasta dishes as well as foie gras and pate.

message posted 01-Oct-09 17:40:38
Subject: White truffle season has started!

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message posted 05-Nov-09 23:38:00
I would be pissed of if I trained my dog to sniff for cocaine and it brought me back a bit of fungus.
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 06-Nov-09 09:59:30
Maybe he has some expensive taste - shaved truffles ontop of his coke

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