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Anything New?

message posted 24-Jun-10 22:27:18
Anybody come across anything new lately?
Just curious....your new might be another's old..still is new to share ......

And why is it everytime I figure on trying something new, different/unususal whenever I go out it turns out to be really naff? Is it just me??
And I end up thinking, 'shoulda stuck to the steak and peas, mate!'

Any naff eating experiences?

Fk...had a veggie and chix risotto in a swanky place in Bath....congealed rice pudding that had been scrapped off the bottom of the pan. Asked for the chef to come out and share his wonderful recipe......

Very conveniently, he'd gone home.....I didn't pay for the crud!

Big love....
message posted 25-Jun-10 09:55:47
Hey CrazyChef

Good to see your rantings again, dont tell anyone but I missed you !!

I know exactly where you are coming from. It infuriates me when you see a "hungry horse" or other similarly crap, boil in the bag establishment with lines outside waiting to be "fed" (and they moan about gees for foie gras).

We should just wait for the fat bastards to keel over and harvest their livers, mind you could be pretty foul considering what they eat.

We have got better as a nation but they still want the same old "steak and peas", perhaps with a modern twist, ha a flat black mushroom or something as similarly unadventureous !!

Can we win.......I frikken doubt it !
message posted 23-Jul-10 08:41:23
Hi Crazychef

Depends on your concept of "New" you should check out this site they are always adding bits
message posted 28-Jul-10 23:52:40
Thanks Grashopa52.
Took your advice.....
Had a look....and.....not new!

I am just looking for food....minus the chemistry set!

Or something so simple it is out of the ordinary......

Don't you get the feeling that most proteges cook like their mentors, so it is more or less the same food or variations of it that are kicking about?

Maybe I am just a grumpy ol' fart......

How's everybody anyway? The silence is defeaning......too wacked out to talk?

Big love.....
message posted 29-Jul-10 11:12:29
Hey CrazyChef

Actually nothing in food is new .... really. All the techniques were around hundreds of years ago.

Take "sous vide" - boil in the frikken bag. well this is not new. It originated en papillote, remeber that... he he many of the youngsters will be like ...what the hell is that. Then when I was in switzerland in 1990 sous vide was widley used, now 20 years later it has re emerged.

So what is new. .. New for me is take the best ingredients, do as little as possible and let the natural flavour shine through !!

Shit can you remeber when radicio made it on the scene, I was a commis in the 80's and a supplier brought this "red lettuce" into the we were all stunned.. he he, now its "micro salad"

Rachel White
Rachel White
message posted 14-Jul-11 06:16:03
I came across this unique technique on net, that is, cooking at low temperatures. They called it as the sous vide method. According to them you can cook meat by this process. Just put a piece of meat in a heavy plastic bag and add spices and sauces to it. Squeeze out all the air and seal. Heat water to a temperature so that heat can reach the meat inside the bag. Put the bag in the water and leave for at least half an hour and up to several hours. When ready to eat, remove the meat from the bag and brown quickly on both sides in a hot frying pan. This method results in very tender meat. It sounds me quite impossible. I have never tried this. Has anyone done this before? Is it a good process to cook, especially meat.
message posted 14-Jul-11 16:09:16
Hi Rachel

I came across sous vide in Swtzerland back in 1990. The swiss developed it to be used in large catering operations to maintain consistent quality.

The idea was one central kitchen would produce the (lets say lamb stew) it would then be portioned into bags depending on the outlet, 50 portions, 100 portions etc.
It would be vac packed, deliverd to the outlet and so as not to dry out the product was reheated in the bag in a water bath and Voila, Sous vide was born.

Sous vide is useful for items that need a longer cooking time at a lower temerature. I have used sous vide for lamb shanks, osso bucco, even ribs, with the meat just falling off the bone.

You want to get your self a vac pac machine and away you go.

So no, not a new concept by any means, the swiss military has been using sous vide for fifteen years now, but it is starting to make a bigger appearence in smaller kitchens now.

Its like the Thermomix, everyone is thinking this is the latest fandangled piece of kit, but in actual fact has been around for over 20 years in the baby food market. It just took a chef to export it into a kitchen and Voila the latest gizmo.

Have fun, cant go wrong really, think of it as a non messy pressure cooker, braising without drying, you can even do for example confit of duck, anything that takes time.

Check On !!
message posted 16-Jul-11 21:33:00
Hello everybody.....

Many moons.....

So it is.....nothing new, eh....effing micro mum fed me that stuff as a kid!!!! Why is everyone cooking with that stuff????

I got something new for you lot....A chefs' union to make Unison look pedestrian!

Now......let's talk.....this is a new trend....chef welfare!

After so many years, the propane/butane/lpg has cooked my nuts, shrivelled my brain, and scrambled my breathing system....long hours got my feet permanent appointments with refloxogists, chiropodists, and everybody else working on bunions, corns, warts, hard skin, in-grown toe nails, etc....; I am on first name terms with chiropracters, and the local health centre chaps....the varicose veins make me look not much different to Golum....I speak as him too, walk like him...and pretty much all else! Trolls are close cousins.....
Sick pay?....don't even get me started!
Okay....none existent!

After the glamour of TV, and the reality of a working kitchen, not many young ones are coming in to the industry to make work any my sorry arse got to work from seven am to midnight.....on a flat rate....mind you, that's two days work in a day, covering for three people.....on a quarter person's wage! #efficiency measures, the new world, austerity measures!#

At this rate, we shall not be getting any new kids coming into the industry....ever....the flip side though, I know I shall be hussling pots and pans, shaking and wiggling, till I am ninety-FK! Coz there'll always be work....there'll always be work....Probably still shagging in the freezer even then.....bloody hell!!!!!!!!

Hope you get my point, chaps......Chef's Union?

I remember years ago a certain very prominent chef working in a very prestigious London house tried to set one up....he got made redundant....went to the House of Commons.....and in no time, his career just faded! It was easier to let go! And him, never heard of ever again....think he emigrated!

There is that.....

Or as a michelin chef said to me, chefs are from broken backgrounds, problem homes and all that, so who cares?
Wanted to punch his lights out......coz he is not! He is a privileged smack head!

The other thinking the end of the day, chefs are too tired to give a shit about much else....and after the customary glass or two, even poo smells and tastes of roses!

Another form of thinking.....pop your clogs on the job!
Or get the hell out of the industry, you sissy!....Or maybe ....fuck the future!

More like screw me....because I have no way of determining my future.....

So I ask, why would a multi millionaire talk to me about austerity measures, whilst he lives on expenses, has no idea about my hardship but he determines my level of taxation-punitive!-to keep him sweet and dandy....just because he is fucking up with my kid's future...our kids' futures....

Something new? New thinking....or old thinking rekindled and peddled as new...
Bugger...everything else is......

Something new....for me anyway....went crazy and made a cassava souffle....and a yam souffle....savoury....sweetened up slightly.....worked okay! I mean fkn wonderful!

On the other hand, to throw a spanner in the works.....every single man that has paraded before many as he strokes his cock majestically, relishing in the shit that passes for a grand peacock plummage arising out his arse, believing in the bullshit rhetoric #not really!#that he espouses for right-religious, on principal#weapons of mass destruction, etc...#, or whatever, they are all soon dead, and will be forgotten in but two ticks. The new generation takes over, or sells it off to get away from ostentious ways, as they lose themselves in computer games.....and we don't ever really care for the many once great houses are now Hotels? Think there'll be computerised chefs? Taste stuff...season it for you just perfect? Lose all the waiting staff as you pick up your food from a computerised cetre...that knows just how you like your lamb done? Synthetic lamb? Synthetic broccoli? Do away with the farmers.....feed the starving Africans synthetic protein, feed once a year and live good?
Why do they starve, and yet their governments are robbing their own countries of national resources or selling it the West and East for peanuts, in return for some private accounts held in the West?
Maybe I should get out.....more....that gas makes you think things....inane?

Something New....feed a starving African....without compassion fatigue!

Big love all around.....

message posted 20-Jul-11 15:40:27
Crazy Chef

WTF.................................. !!!!

I love your posts, you start off in one direction and I think I know how to respond, then you go off in another direction, followed by another 180, and I am left thinking....WTF..........!!

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