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Hot chef
Hot chef

New Chef here

message posted 14-Jan-09 19:23:34
Hi All new here posted in another forum, seems quiet on here man anyone no anything about this web site I found looks the dogs do das man

called the staff canteen any one else on there
message posted 14-Jan-09 20:37:51
Hey Hot Chef

Yea Know the site, all the stuff is written by the same people posing as different chefs, call it insider info !!!

Dont bother.

message posted 14-Jan-09 20:56:08
Just had a look.

To me you might as well by the caterer, it is all the same magazine Pr stuff, nothing about real chefs and not created as a site for chefs like this.

Not for me, tired of the same old stuff.

Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 15-Jan-09 20:00:17
Hey, "Hot Chef"

Been looking at this post, strikes me that, could you possible be trying to promote, (and I agree with Kman) this site.

usually we use the forums first before we plug our own agendas, I think the should probably try some of their own PR crap before pulling this one, Im surprised the administrator has not deleted you yet.

If you were at my hotplate I would have burned your ass by now.

x x
Hot chef
Hot chef
message posted 28-Jan-09 14:29:55
Well hello to all what a friendly brigade at your hotplate lady bitch.

Listen I've no loyality to any site and in the interest of balance I use them all facebook, myspace bebo, cooks pro, chefs in scotland, canteen and now you.

Amuse you can't seriously be suggesting that some 900 members are the same person are you how the hell could they do that, would be bloody impossible surely.

Not sue how you get magazine PR stuff and same old stuff looks brand new to me, but that's enough about them, lets talk Chefs world what happens here good people not trying to be rude I can't see anything since my post I must be looking in the wrong place right????

We've just down a new menu at work, have loads of pictures can I upload them would be good to share them with you all get some feed back.

Are you all busy luckily we are OK could always do more but January is always a tough time right.

Anyway I'm sure your a friendly bunch once we get to know each other right

message posted 28-Jan-09 20:38:24
Hey Chef

I think the thing is that chefs controll this site and not PR paid stories which is why they are protective of this site.

We are able to create this site as we want so in a way are loyal. Take for example your photo's. We asked in the suggestions for a costing calculator, which i think they are launching in Feb and then they are adding a photo section so it is happening. The whole site is run by working chefs so things dont happen as fast when you have PR funding like other sites, but it will remain controlled just by real chefs and thats the point of the site.

My january is busy, feb bookings are down but from march our bookings are rock solid so no effects of the "credit crunch",, touch wood.

One thing I have started doing is buying all my meat again bone in, you pay bone in prices anyway but I save 10% on price and get the bones now for stock. It does take longer to prep but it has focused my team in to thinking about wastage, in fact my figures for jan are about 20% up. I will admit that for the past five years with "easy money" i have been lazy and bought in portioned product, but its back to basics now and it has made a hell of a difference to everything.

The funny thing is that my chef de parties and commis had never seen a side of beef before, so they are learning, I cant believe that butchery is not covered in all colleges now, it seems pot luck as to how enthused the lecturer is.

Yea I cant wait to add photos, i have about ten years worth, its great to look back at the "retro" shit we used to do compared to know.

So chef, what is your style of food, what is your best section.

Take it easy.
Check On!!
message posted 30-Jan-09 11:54:19
Hello folks,
I am the web developer for this web site (as can be seen at the link at the bottom of this page). As Tourant.chef correctly said, I'm currently working on some calculator tools to help the members.

I like the idea about receiving notification emails when someone responds to an email I posted. We could also have "thread subscription" so that members can choose threads of interest (even if not started by them) and be notified when there is a new reply.

I will keep your suggestions in mind for the next page upgrade! Keep the suggestions coming. I can't promise I can do them all at once but I'll do my best.
Hot chef
Hot chef
message posted 02-Feb-09 18:06:08
Yes e-mail replies would be good and subscribe to a thread are both good, photo's personal profiles all add an extra dimension.

A little insulted by the real chefs comments I use the Canteen as do my boys we all very real chefs don't really get where your coming from with all the PR stuff what is it with Chefs why can't we all support each other this is a tough enough game without us having to bitch about each other, your trying your best as I'm sure they are we are all chefs .

How many members are there on here, whats the aim of the site, how can I help you guys.

Chefs lets support each other not bitch and moan
message posted 02-Feb-09 18:44:24
Hi All

Well its good to see everyone taking part, that was my whole idea when we developed this two years ago.

Hot Chef, the aim of ChefsWorld is just that, a world for chefs, you create it.
We are the only independant website for chefs, that is why you can say anything on this site, you can rate employers, plus we dont allow bogus job ads or unrealistic salary package ads either.

This site is purely for the BENEFIT of Chefs.

Currently we have 11 241 registered members. As of today there have been 7426 hits generating 32 458 pageviews. Not all chefs will post in the forums, in fact cheftalk in the states, probably the longest running chef forum has only a handful of regular posters. I guess given time there will be more adventurous posters, like yourself.

Keep it up, all knoweladge posted on this site will in some way benefit another chef someplace else.

And to the longer members posting in the forums, please take a more relaxed approach to new members.
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