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message posted 13-Dec-10 11:17:40
Heeelllloooooooo people,

How's the book idea germinating in mind?

Cheffing don't make you rich. Let's see.....Executive Chef at the Savoy hardly makes 300K....My local council officer with less stress and perks like never, a guy that has perfected the art of bullshit and jargon tongue twisters to confuse the shit out of you so that he can never be held accountable, is on 300K.

Divorce lawyers charge you two hundred quid an hour. My local MP charges 5k to lobby shit in Parliament. If you want intros, buddy, that's 10k.

I hate the routine of get up, go to work, chef, go home....and hopefully waiting to die....someday! Crap!!!!!!
But i love that I cook. I love that I can teach the young ones...I love that I eat like a king....I am now very diversified....and even then, it is not enough!!!! I want to be as rich as the guy that gives us the contracts....maybe even wealthier than him....and then one beautiful day I get up and think, I am going to work because I want to! Not because I have to!
And there is the difference....

Over thirty...yes.....and finding it hilarious I ain't as minted as I thought I'd be...or as I'd like to be...

Am I alone in this madness?????
I want to work less for more money...or not even at all, for serious money....
A bit like the guys that collapsed the Post office, or those that gave us the recession....crazy money for tricks and fails.....

I am going mad with twisted hilarity....I day dream of how to upstage the big shot and take over his business...hilarious with twisted madness.....

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