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Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 20-Jul-11 15:41:42
See you in the Freezer..... !!!

message posted 02-May-12 15:17:25
I recently watched heston blumenthal who made a jam from potato skins, sugar and cream as a dip for his smoked mashed potato based donuts with coloured crunchy sugar made guessed it mashed potato and sugar at 160 degrees celcius.

i was rather impressed....

how about yourselves????
message posted 02-May-12 15:31:07
Just last week I saw a chef make a Cheese & Tomato Sandwich with a list of new ingredients including Mugaritz Lactose, Big Tom, Texturas Crutomat, Texturas Algin & Texturas Gellan, Mugaritz Black Quinoa, Buffalo Mozzerrala and a Microwave Sponge turned into crutons.... talented lad
message posted 04-May-12 16:17:08
Fkn brilliant!!!!!
And my jaw hit the floor....drooling like a hypnotised mangy dog!!
Woke up in the morning...thinking....
Are they chefs or lab technicians?
Maybe that is the way cooking is going? And they need university degrees for that stuff, no? Curramba!!! That puts paid to social drop-outs, misfits and malcontents taking up cheffing. Maybe the new generation has figured what the old generation hasn't: bamboozle guys with trickery to get earning serious money!!!! Nouvelle cuisine aka molecular styling, dude......

I take my hat off to them!!!!!
About time!

Big love.......
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