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message posted 30-Sep-10 01:26:42
hey guys......
Hope you all well......
Good news here.....
Gordon Ramsay is doing just fine......
As is Heston........

You get to a certain point in life, and actually, scallops for breakfast is not a bad idea......Sometimes you get up in the morning and think, actually, today I'm staying in with family, those that I love. And it is okay. Right. It is even better if you have the Lynx for transport. Beats sitting in traffic or in the tube, because after taxation, you don't even get to see the investment of your contribution..That's shit! Maybe it is fair that a duck should have a moat house paid for out of your taxation!!!!! And then you want your kids to go to a nice school where other kids don't call the teacher, 'wog' or 'cunt', if not stabbing them, or taking out contracts on their heads!

In the same vein, after twenty years hard work, you owe it to yourself to take it easy, slow down and enjoy life. Afterall, there's more to life than just work, work, work. Makes for a dull fucker.
To enjoy life in this day and age, ie nice holidays, nice restaurants, nice things, you got to be wealthy. driving to work requires a certain amount of cash flow......wealthy!!!!

In that regard, Ramsay and Heston have done magic, wonders, to open the eyes of the public to the shit and misery that is a chef's life; hopefully, so they will not begrudge paying 30 for some partridge; ethics and all call out a plumber, you are looking at -suck in teeth for all of a minute- then eighty quid call out, and the rest per hour. A solicitor or a counsellor will charge you enough for a remortgage to tell you what you already know.Chefs create! We toil....We work in conditions not far off hell.and earn shit pay. Have we no regard for ourselves? Are we shit-brains? Pop your clogs on the job earning shit?

Why don't we ever stick up for chef pay? On this forum severally I've asked why Chefs still earn 30k same as ten years ago for same job, but now with more baggage! No one has ever said ever addressed the sixteen hour shift on 15K! Commitment? Show me commitment by sharing profit!

Not being materialistic, but nothing beats having the nicest oven range in your house with the best larder ever! That then of course means a nice house to enjoy with your family....friends....and all the good things that bless and acknowledge your hard work. otherwise you are working for shit like a shit!

We owe it to ourselves to get wealthy. Afterall most managers and owners know shit, and it is them enjoying life....a fuckin oxymoron or what!!!!!!!!

Ramsay and Heston are working smart....they are the ones that will be recognised as legends even a hundred years after they are dead. You have Ramsay or Heston on your cv and doors open, easy....! And even those that are abandoning a sinking ship, they trade on Ramsay's name.
The world will never remember some monkey ass slave working for peanuts everyday, seeeing shit, thinking shit, knowing shit, learning shit, being shit, doing shit, and living and hopefully dying as a shit-ie nothing!

Give the TV chefs a break. Lets join them, make money and be happy.....forget this overwhelming envy stuff...demoralising stuff......

Michelin stars don't make a chef...the understanding of food does.
Michelin makes superstars-we all want to be superstars....and that is wealthy, because Michelin gives you the opportunity to do a Dick Turpin on your punters; and they love you for it. But if you love the understanding of food, you will always make money.

ps....we reckon too much Ramsay on TV? How about the same ugly faces doing the comedy and presentation shit on telly every single year, every single day like as if there is not that many other talent out there? Personality saturation is the programme makers(fault!) making the most of a product that will generate them income, ie Ramsay, Heston, shitheads on QI etc.... And likewise, these guys have some good agents or managers. I reckon we should ask for agent telephone numbers....

If I am wrong, tell me......

Stir crazy.......
message posted 01-Oct-10 11:45:40
Touche.. Chef, Touche !!!
Kitchen Bitch
Kitchen Bitch
message posted 01-Oct-10 11:48:28
F**K them all, lets make some money for a change, lets face it without us CHEFS they have an emply building..... Think about it !!

Without US Chefs YOU HAVE NOTHING.......Now Pay us what we deserve !!

message posted 16-Jan-11 12:16:39
Hi everyone

If you have been to a Michelin starred restaurant, Could you please complete my survey- its for my dissertation and only takes 5 mins.

Thanks for your help!

Larna Worwood
message posted 17-Jan-11 18:40:36
Hi Larna

Hope your survey goes well, just completed it.

You might find this article useful, it was what 30 Michelin chefs thought of the recession last year.

message posted 01-Feb-11 15:43:10
We love Ramsey!!

Ryde Restaurant
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