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Chef Tools

Recipe Cost Calculator (Membership required)
This calculator allows you to add your recipe, ingredients and individual ingredient costs. This then calculates the total cost of your recipe. The recipe can be saved to the system allowing you to update new ingredient prices daily,weekly or monthly, giving you a new recipe cost immediatly.
True Cost Calculator (Yield)
The difference between purchase price and actual food cost is called the yield factor. For example you may purchase a whole fish or saddle of lamb, after trimming or filleting , what is the actual cost of the usable product?
How Much To Order Calculator
This tool allows you to work out "how much to order". It will calculate peeling waste and also turning waste to give you the correct amount to order. This prevents "over ordering" or "under ordering".
Selling Price Calculator
This tool allows you to enter the cost of your recipe or dish, together with the Gross Profit percentage that you would like to achieve on the sale price. The calculator will give you the selling price needed to achieve Gross Profit.

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