The 7 UK Restaurants that Sell Certified Kobe Beef

There are currently only 7 restaurants in the UK that sell certified Kobe beef according to the Kobe Beef Association.

The Kobe beef association tracks and records all licensed distributors and the restaurants they supply. If you see Kobe beef on the menu in any other restaurants in the UK other then the restaurants listed by the Kobe beef association, then this is not Kobe beef, rather the less expensive Wagyu beef, Kagoshima beef and Miyazaki beef is being sold as Kobe.

Kobe Beef - UK Restaurants

The Current Certified UK Restaurants


2 Ham Yard
London W1D 7DT

Tel: 020 7287 5724

Kai Mayfair

65 S Audley St
London W1K 2QU

Tel: 020 7493 8988



77 Brewer St
London W1F 9ZN

Tel: 0207 734 2608

Matsuri St James’s

15 Bury St
London SW1Y 6AL

Tel: 020 7839 1101


Restaurant M

60 Threadneedle Street
London, EC2R 8HP

Tel: 020 3327 7770

Sushi Samba

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate
London EC2N 4AY

Tel: 0203 640 7330


Tokyo Sukiyaki Tei

85 Sloane Ave
London SW3 3DX

Tel: 020 3583 3797


Kobe beef constitutes the highest quality beef with lineage that can be traced to Tajima cattle. Tajima cattle are historically pedigreed cattle that are created by cross-breeding cattle with the highest quality meat for over a hundred years. Kobe cattle are born in a region called Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, and refers to cattle whose rearing, shipment and everything in between are controlled by a member belonging to an organization called the Kobe Beef Marketing.

Only 55% of cattle slaughtered will be certified as Kobe beef.