London’s Newest Restaurants to Try

London’s diverse population speaks more than 300 languages. With so many different ethnic groups living in the city, each neighbourhood has hundreds of dining options. New restaurants are popping up all around London, so it’s hard to keep up with all the openings.

Restaurant Trends

Londoners typically love Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, and Turkish cuisine. Regional, American-style restaurants are always popular, and the trend is continuing, whether it’s New York-style burgers or Southern barbecue. Even though everything Thai has dominated the Asian restaurant scene, patrons are seeking out new Korean and Laotian restaurants. South American restaurants opening around the city are focusing more on Peruvian cuisine.

Coffee lovers who’ve been drinking frothy, sweet coffee drinks are changing their preferences. Many of them are ordering the traditional espresso. People are more aware of how unhealthy additives and chemicals in food are and the trend toward cooking in more traditional ways, using local and organic ingredients is gaining in popularity. Chefs are more creative in their preparation of cuisine for patrons who want food that’s delicious and healthy. Here are some of London’s best new restaurants to try.

14 New London Restaurants


The newest of London’s Peruvian restaurants mainly serves food from the coast of Peru, so a lot of seafood dishes are on the menu. A lot of the cooking is on a Robata grill that uses compressed charcoal made from wood for its unique flavour.

Calcutta Street

Bengali-style dishes with a homestyle twist are served at the new restaurant. The menu creations are recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next and made with seasonal ingredients. Reservations aren’t required.


Yosma is a new Turkish-style Tavern on 50 Baker Street that serves grilled entrees and dishes prepared in a clay oven. Lamb is roasted in a coal pit. A must-try is the Turkish dumplings in yoghurt sauce. Favorites include a sweet, syrupy dessert called Kunefe. The wine list will feature wines imported from Turkey.


Eneko is the new Covent Garden restaurant at One Aldwych that features the cuisine of the Basque provinces of France and Spain. The restaurant with its relaxed atmosphere serves traditional dishes prepared with a modern, inventive approach to Basque cuisine. The wine list is composed entirely of wines from Spain.


Opening on Charlotte Street is Samarkand. The Uzbeki cuisine is inspired by dishes that the owner ate as a child. Jizbiz is an entree of lamb chops and potatoes. A flaky-style bread smothered in butter is known as fatinon, and somsa is a pastry traditionally filled with sweet potatoes or lamb. The vegetable dishes may even have a bit of vodka added.

Cha Chaan Teng

Cha Chaan Teng is London’s new Tea Restaurant located at 36-38 Kingsway. Tea restaurants are popular in China where Western-style cuisine from Hong Kong is served. Many of the dishes are a crusty type roll with various fillings. Crispy sea bream and tiger prawns with chili peppers are among the creative dishes. The inventive menu of cocktails is based on China’s tea culture.

The Barbary

The Barbary in pedestrian-only Neal’s Yard is a small, counter-style restaurant that serves delicious delicacies from the Barbary Coast of North Africa. The deep fried pastries filled with fish and spices from Morocco will keep you filled at the standing-only counter while you’re waiting for a seat. One dish that’s traditionally served at parties in Israel is Msachen; chicken that’s marinated in yoghurt and Syrian and Egyptian spices. The dessert sandwich of mozzarella and goat cheese in filo dough and deep fried with a sprinkle of roasted nuts is a must-try.

Decatur At Pamela

Pamela is a Haggerston bar with tables inside, and a few outside for the people watchers. The dishes are Cajun-style from New Orleans with an interesting British twist. Barbecue shrimp is served in a hot, buttery sauce. The oysters make believers out of patrons who don’t like them. Baked oysters have a cheesy, garlic topping. Specialty cocktails include Short Ireland Iced Tea, made with Ban Poitin that’s London-distilled.


The new restaurant at Borough’s Market has a counter-style bar that serves pasta, unlike anything you’ll prepare at home. Tagliarini is perfectly in a sauce created from black pepper, parmesan, and butter. The beef ragu is served with pappardelle. Chocolate tarts with a crumbly crust are a delectable finish.

Six Portland Road

The West London restaurant in Holland Park isn’t fancy, but the food and wines are superb, with about 80 wines on the list. Classic dishes including lemon sole and roast lamb are typical menu items, and Catalan fish stew is a favourite. The chocolate mousse is made with Griottine cherries, almond slices, and creme fraiche.


Salut in Islington features lunch, brunch and dinner menus. Some of the sumptuous selections include asparagus with hollandaise sauce and parmesan tulles, and king crab, avocado and roast tomato with fennel salad. Chocolate spheres with creme liqueur, marinated cherries and carmelized hazelnuts is a delight.

L.C. At Climpson’s Arch

Portuguese cuisine is the specialty at L.C. At Climpson’s Arch. Combined with techniques of cooking from the Japanese, the dishes are unique. Fish is cured, dried, then grilled. Mackeral with cabbage and smoked butter is a specialty. The wine list features mainly Portuguese wines, with German Reisling, served during the summer.

Walker’s of Whitehall

The stylish new London pub in Trafalgar Square is spacious and serves traditional pub-style food as well as vegetarian alternatives. Walker’s serves draught beers and has an extensive wine list. Their fireside style of cooking uses an open flame and English oak to create dishes like beer battered cod with mint peas and fries. The pub has reduced menu prices before and after the theatre.

Shotgun BBQ With A View

The new barbecue restaurant is on the rooftop of John Lewis on Oxford Street. The owner knows his barbecue since he’s from Mississippi. The garden setting is lovely, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Lunch, brunch, and dinner menus are available. Barbecue plates come with traditional sides like barbecue beans, potato salad, or coleslaw.