Introducing Carbon Free Cooking & Fine Dining in Thailands Best Resorts

Thailand is certainly an innovative country, but two boutique resorts in Thailand are standing ‘toe to toe’ with the rest of the Culinary world. Aleenta Resorts have two resorts in Thailand, one in Hua Hin, the other in Phuket.

“Dining at Aleenta is about fun, being relaxed and very social,” says Chef Jean-Louis


Carbon Free Cooking in Hua Hin


It’s a case of Aleenta Hua Hin Resort continuing to push the boundaries of sustainability to offer guests luxury with a green flavor – a key reason why the resort was recently named the Best Sustainable Hotel (Thailand) at the prestigious International Hotel Awards.

Carbon Free Cooking

“The essence of Aleenta Hua Hin’s The Cellar restaurant is this food. It uses purely organic food and utilises solar ovens, smoke houses and techniques based on molecular cooking to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum”

Almost all the produce used at the resort, which is close to 90% sustainable, is procured from its organic farm. That includes a community garden where locals can take what they like and pay it forward via replanting, an honour system that is a matter of community pride.

Chicken, beef, pork, fruit and vegetables are farmed and transferred to Aleenta’s kitchens by bicycle. The menu includes solar-baked lime and honey cake cooked in a wooden box lined with foil, sand-baked clams and steamed-seawater seaweed, as well as clay pots buried in the beach.

Solar Confit Sea Bass

Aleenta Hua Hin’s carbon-free gourmet dishes include hand-sprayed salted beef ceviche, sun-dried tomato sauce and ice crisp linguine-farmed vegetables. This dish involves banana leaf-wrapped fillet of local beef being rubbed in sea and salt peter before being buried for two days with fresh herbs and spices. It is then washed and finished with ginger and chill-infused sharp citrus and vinegar, as well as two week air-dried tomatoes hand crushed in a pestle and mortar. Spring-water seasoned, it is served with iced ribbon vegetables soaked in filtered water.

Another dish is solar comfit sea bass, air-dried crispy skin, ground fermented kimchee, preserved lemons and sesame mayonnaise. In preparing this dish, solar coconut comfit hand-lined sea bass is heated to 63 degrees for 25 minutes and served on fermented cabbage garnished with one-year-old preserved lemons and hand-emulsified nutty mayonnaise, onion, red pepper and spices.


183 Moo 4, Paknampran
Hua Hin


Fine Dining in Phuket


With Aleenta Phuket’s Resort launch of The EDGE Beachfront Restaurant. Inspired by its surroundings, this spacious restaurant is an exquisite dining destination located just steps away from the white sands of pristine Natai Beach. It is here Bitterling and his kitchen team combined their epicurean passion and philosophies to provide diners and guests with an eclectic yet sumptuous collection of dishes best described as “Forward Thinking Contemporary Cuisine”.

Fine Dining in Phuket

It comprises timeless Thai staples, Asian-inspired noodle dishes, succulent meats and luscious burgers and sandwiches on the lunch menu, ceding to Chef Alex’s creative masterpieces for dinner as luscious Intro, Aquatic, Flora & Fauna and Finale choices.

Chef Alex and his team encourage diners to experience a culinary interplay and exercise their power of choice. Diners are free to select as well as mix and match their preferred textures and tastes.

Thai Inspired Fine Dining


33 Moo 5, Takua Thung, Khok Kloi
Phang nga