Hand Made Reclaimed Wood Restaurant Tables

That was certainly a mouthful in the Title, but how else do you describe one of a kind, hand made restaurant tables.

More and more restaurant want to showcase their individuality and eclectic diversity by using differently styled tables through out the restaurant. The problem is, where do you find individual restaurant tables that are one off, all unique, with their own character, colour and textures?

Unique Restaurant Table Reclaimed Restaurant Tables

Bespoke Restaurant Tables

This is where a small reclaimed wood furniture maker comes in, Charlie’s Pine & Oak furniture based in Leicester. I first came across their work, with a bespoke piece in a hairdressing salon, that I thought was so unique, I had to know who made it for them, and what else could they do.

Bespoke Reclaimed Furniture Bespoke,  Hand Made Reclaimed Furniture

After getting in touch, it turns out that they actually specialise in reclaimed wood tables. They have a selection of standard sized tables that they hand make. The size might be standard, but each piece turns out unique, based on the wood they source.

They can also finish off the table with a range of natural stains and waxes, to give a colour contrast from table to table, depending on your specifications.

Each piece is hand made and and finished to your design idea.

Hand Made Reclaimed Wood Table Build


And the Price for a Reclaimed Table?

Hand made, bespoke, unique, one of a kind, all conjure up a pretty hefty price tag. This is where Charlie’s Pine & Oak really over delivers. Their prices are down to earth and well below other bespoke table manufacturers.

Prices differ from styles, chunky square legs, turned legs, hair pin legs, but on average for a ’5×3′ reclaimed table that is finished to your specification, expect to pay £ 395,00.

Turn around time is generally 2 weeks.

Charlies Pine & Oak Furniture

73 St Johns, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 2BS

Call: 0116 275 1586

Email: info@charliespineandoak.co.uk

Website: www.charliespineandoak.co.uk

Opening hours:Monday to Saturday, 9am – 5pm