Digital Menu: NextGen Product for growth of Restaurant Chains


Now what exactly is eMenu?

This is a digital menu which has been explicitly configured for enterprises dealing in hospitality. Specifically this is tablet oriented software which provides instant solutions to the customers for placing their orders from installed menu lists thereby enhancing their dining experience. This menu system has been highly acclaimed by the hospitality sectors because of its integrated feature rich functionalities along with its ease of use amenity for the customers.

Additionally, the eMenu  also helps to manage your ordering system. The waiting time is minimized, the orders could  be ready prior to the arrival of your guests. Hence, a complete waiter less solution is what you could make of your restaurant while using this technology.  ( Naturally you still need serving staff, they don’t need to handle table orders )

emenu 2

Besides, this digital menu also has arrays of various  feature lists which assist your brand to perform even better in the industry. Some of the factors which include:

  • Personalized Branding- Improve your brand value by customizing the themes of the digital menu, making it more real for your customers.
  • Multi Language- You won’t have to look for the options even if a foreign guest walks into your restaurant. With the multi-language choice installed in the software, your guest would find it easy to select his favorite delicacies through his chosen language
  • Attractive Appearance- eMenu provides you the options to get some electrifying eye catching themes to make the menu more engaging for your customers by customizing the menu as per your preferences.

Well, that being said, eMenu also serves as a worthwhile facet when its associated products are used by channel partners for your brand.


Point of Sales processes or POS have been used since long because of their pre-defined accuracies for the hospitality world. However, the current scenario demands of something more catalyzing to cope up with the ongoing challenges and eMenu products have been a lot better in this regards. When offered to franchises, these products tend to bring about various transformations that could increase the numbers when it comes to the customers. Some of such changes comprise of:

  • Ordering in the restaurants- One of the many activities to take place in a food business is the ordering procedure. Hence, instead of implementing the traditional order process, the entrepreneurs could make use of eMenu ordering system which not only displays the menu lists, but on the same side also shows up the included ingredients of the cuisine which certainly makes it more interfacing for the users.
  • Minimizing the Waiting List- A restaurant couldn’t expect to have a good business if it has customers lurking for their orders to be accomplished. This is one of those aspects which customers do not want to experience while visiting to any restaurant. With the wondrous featured products of eMenu system, the waiters find more scope to attend the guests rather than being busy placing the orders.
  • Payment On The Table- You won’t like attending bunch of customers at your counter table for the payment of their bills would you? So, how about the option to get their bills paid on their table itself? Sounds interesting? Well, with your channel partner in association with eMenu, you could now opt for the processes for allowing customers to complete all their billing processes on their eating table. This also makes an impressive move for your brand to them for sure.
  • Multi-Channel Retailing- A customer has the option to purchase the products from anywhere he wants. Thus, brands could also now get the swift options to make a reach to their customers with the help of such channel partners whenever they want. Opting for this option gives a good brand experience to the customers regardless of the channels that they select.
  • Customer Interfacing- As customers begin to step into your restaurant, your order list generally gets queued up isn’t it? This also increases the waiting time for rest of the customers. Having products specifically designed from eMenu suite make good interfacing between the customers and staffs of the restaurant simultaneously organizing the work processes like order placement flow better instantaneously reducing the waiting time.

emenu 3

As a concluding factor, there are various tactics which could be applied to a business to get its targeted customers. On the other hand, with on the spot options of channel partners, one could expect to get a hold in his industry.