Different Types of Restaurant Jobs

There are a lot of different types of restaurant jobs available today. Each of these different restaurant jobs is just as important as any other one. Therefore, it is important for us to take a look at what the many different types of restaurant jobs include and what each job title is defined as.


The restaurant jobs that are located in the back of the house include:

  1. The kitchen manager is responsible for managing everything that goes on in the kitchen and doing any administrative work that needs done here. They may also be the chef or one of the cooks.
  2. The chef must not only plan the menu but they must also oversee the day-to-day kitchen operations.
  3. A pastry chef is the one who plans out and prepares the restaurant’s desserts.
  4. The cook does the cooking and also supervises and trains the kitchen staff.
  5. The dishwasher is an entry-level position for someone who wants to become a cook.


The jobs that are located in the front of the restaurant include:

  1. The wait person attends to the guest from the moment that they order their drink until the time that their meal is over. They are responsible for taking your order, suggesting wines and making sure that you are enjoying your meal. Sometimes they are also responsible for working at the bar, bussing tables and acting as a host.
  2. The host is the person who will greet and seat you. Most of the time this is an entry level position for those who want to become a wait person or bartender. These are jobs that the host may be be required to perform from time to time as well.
  3. The bartender serves the alcoholic beverages. They must also enforce any laws that pertain to these alcoholic beverages which is why they may need to be certified in order to work in this position.
  4. The bus person clears the tables and sometimes they will also work as a wait person, host, bartender or dishwasher.
  5. The assistant manager (also known as the general manager) is in charge of overseeing everything that goes on within the restaurant. Sometimes these people must also fill in for the other employees if they fail to show up for work.

There really are a lot of people who work together to ensure that your restaurant experience is a good one.

Restaurant Chefs Jobs

In order to have a career as a Restaurant Chef a formal culinary education is essential. Restaurant Chef Jobs are available but someone seeking a position in this field does need either Certification or a Degree in order to be competitive in this field. Some Chef have started their careers with on the job training, but a culinary education provides students with a more well rounded understanding of cooking and the management side of the restaurant business.

Culinary schools offer students a foundation in the Culinary Arts. With courses in classical and contemporary cooking techniques, including Patisserie and baking arts.

A reputable school will also have courses on Hospitality and Restaurant Management to prepare future Chefs with training in the management, finances, and general business operations. They will also offer Intern programs at local restaurants in order to give students experience in a working culinary environment.

Two leading Culinary Schools in the United Kingdom include Le Cordon Bleu in London and Tante Marie. The Le Cordon Bleu was founded in Paris in 1895 making is one of the oldest Culinary Institutions in the World. Tante Marie has been training chefs since 1954 and is recommend by Gordon Ramsay as an institution of learning. Both Schools offer graduation in less than nine months.

Restaurant Chef Jobs provide career paths in a variety of areas from restaurants, bakeries; to corporate food services, a trained restaurant chef has many opportunities.