Cooking Crayfish To Eat Step By Step Tutorial

Crayfish are among one of the tastiest crustaceans on the planet. It’s basically a miniature version of the delicious lobster. It seems that eating crayfish is a two way road of actions. You either go down the road of absolutely loving the taste of them or you run towards the fact of hating the taste. Long story short, crayfish have tons of nutrients are a great tasty meal to enjoy. Lets get started with our step by step guide on cooking crayfish or also known as crawdads.


Cooking Crayfish

Live Crayfish Taste the Best

The old wise tale “stays alive until it hits the pot” is totally true in this instance. There is something about the body of crabs and crustaceans that changes the meat when the animal dies. You can cook dead crayfish but they might just be a little more “mushy” than if alive prior to the boil. When people tell me they have tried crayfish as food and hated it, the first thing I ask is if they were alive prior to the boil? It does make a difference when it comes to taste.

Rinse and Clean them Very Well

Get a large pot full of water and mix that water with salt. You want a heavy mixture of salt. Put all your crawdads in there and let them sit. This cleans them and you will be able to tell how clean they are by looking at the water clarity. Remove them from the pot and dump that saltwater mix and then mix up a new batch. Keep continuing this process until you look at the water and see its pretty clear. This means they are clean on the outside of their body and little to nothing has come off with the salt.

Start the Boil Now, Im Hungry!

If you have any dead crawdads, now is the time to throw them out so we only have fresh one. What is very popular around the world is boiling crawdads with sausage and potatoes to eat as a meal. Friends and family come together for these ritual boils of eating these tasty guys. Once the boil has been going for a little bit, they should be ready to go. Get excited because the feast begins very soon.

Tricks to Peeling Open Crawdads

First grab the midsection with confidence and twist the midsection a different direction as the head. This should rip the body into two pieces and the rear tail section is what we want. Throw the head and claws in the garbage and only keep the rear tail. Go to the end of the tail and pull at the center piece that is directly at the back of the midsection.

If that was hard to understand, I’ll let you in on some different terminology. The tail is full of tasty meat but there is a string like piece that is directly in the center of it. Pulling out that piece in the very rear of the tail will bring out that long string piece. After that is removed, simply peel the shell off of the tail itself and eat that meat

It’s so tasty! Hopefully you can enjoy the work that goes into eating this crustacean. It’s very similar to a lobster and even has its own beautiful taste. Author Megan Weber enjoys eating all types of sea food and even blogging about these tasty critters.