Celebrity Chefs Restaurants: Why You May Want to Consider Rebooking

Restaurants run by celebrity chefs are becoming considered, as overpriced with poor-quality service and food. Many of the worst rated restaurants are found in some of the “top” London restaurants. Heston Blumental and Marcus Wareing are among those guilty of producing overpriced and poor-quality cuisine. This is partly due to the” how many can I open” in the area, ego business viagra.

Celebrity Chefs Restaurants


Celebrity Chef Skepticism

Real foodies are generally skeptical of celebrity chefs who are opening restaurants fast and furiously to support their brands, but this leaves the unsuspecting casual diner, getting stung. London has recorded the highest rate ever of restaurant openings. The quality diminishes when the restaurants are opened so fast that minor details are overlooked.

Celebrity chefs are appearing on the “Most Disappointing Cooking” list and are feeling the pain. Ollie Dabbous is no stranger to this list. He ranked number 10, which was ironic because just the year before he received raving reviews from critics. Heston Blumenthal managed to make the second worst restaurant on the list with Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental. Masterchef Judge Marcus Wareing re-opened and made the list at number eight. The rankings are shocking.

Some other notable restaurants made the overpriced list. They include: Alain Ducasse, Gordon Ramsay, Le Gavroche, and Pollen Street Social. Mr. Ramsay’s flagship Royal Hospital Road restaurant returned to the list in seventh place. It is a favorite with celebrities and royals, but the food is not as great as some other places in London.

Oxo Tower is another restaurant that managed to retain its reputation for some of the most disappointing cooking in London. The River Cafe did happen to edge out the Oxo tower for a position in the double digits instead of the single digits. The results are somewhat embarrassing, but why is it happening and how can it be remedied?

Why is This Happening?

As already stated, the restaurant industry is relaxing, and the ratings are going down. There is just nothing to really praise this year in regards to celebrity cooking. It’s disheartening. The Harden guide is proof that the ratings have diminished. They have analysed top restaurants for over 20 years by reviewing the comments of over 6,000 people and 65,000 reports, which is how they arrived at the rankings.

This news comes after all the talk about how celebrity chefs are making their patrons ill with decadent dishes that are far from health-conscious. They are not only diminishing in quality, but they are also cooking fat-laden food that are filled with ingredients fit for a heart attack. While times seemed to have changed in regards to how celebrity chefs cook, they seem to be getting worse.

Some celebrity chefs are adding lighter and lower calorie meals, but this is very difficult to come by when chefs are trying to get the most profit for the least amount of money. Often, the healthiest ingredients are often the most expensive, but this is not always the case. Not everyone wants to eat healthy dishes that include quinoa and kale, but it is what will energize you and help you feel healthier.

Nearly 87 per cent of celebrity chefs did not meet the Government’s healthy eating guidelines. This was found after 900 recipes from 26 famous cooks were tested. Over 90 per cent of chefs offered a recipe with saturated fatty acids that are above the recommended daily intake. The information came from cookbooks that were ranked the highest on the Good Food Channel and Amazon. These books included top named chefs including Nigel Slater, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, and Gordon Ramsay.

Not Much Better Than Microwaveable Meals

The celebrity chefs in London are giving restaurants a bad name. Some of the meals are no better than microwaveable meals. London’s chefs have to step up their game and improve the quality and health of their meals to get better ratings. It’s not difficult to do. It just requires effort.


Most Disappointing Cooking

Most Overpriced Restaurant

Oxo Tower Restaurant The River Café
Dinner Oxo Tower Restaurant
Colbert Dinner
The Ivy Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Marcus
Le Gavroche Alain Ducasse
Balthazar Le Gavroche
Marcus Cut
Alain Ducasse Balthazar
Dabbous Pollen Street Social