“ A Passion to Inspire “ 2016 Competition Final – 7th June

 Chefs Training

Competition Structure Heats

Open to all full and part time students – remember Passion is vehicle to help get students good jobs with solid employers

Entry requirements

A maximum of 8 teams at any heat – if there are more than 8 teams that wish to be involved then all teams have to go through and internal paper selection ( menus , costings and short Bio’s ) with the college and head Judge .

Head Judge

Each college will have a Head Judge that will liaise with the other judges , the college , planning for the Heat , briefings , introduction of New judges , and Be- brief’s .

Judges for heat 2 FOH and 3 Kitchen


To work with the Head Judge as a team – bringing in new future judges / employers ( Please note NO animals ) , and planning towards the heat and motivating the event ,to invite appropriate guests for the heat .
Use the event to inspire other students and introduction to future Employers .


Mentors may be judges at the heat but not the final.
5 weeks before the final the ingredients will be released – mentors to invite the team for the final to their establishment to help and support the development of their team and dishes.


Heats can be conducted at anytime, as long as they are completed 5 weeks before the final

Teams to consist of 2 chefs and 1 waiter.

At the heat stage working in a team of 3 over 2 hours will give the students a better structure to show their skills .

Each group will have two hours during the heats to produce a main course and dessert for four covers, (The teams are open to ANY ingredients as long as it fits with their budgets, foraged or self grown are exempt as a garnish from costings, shot, donated or if the foraged product is the main part of the dish it must be costed in at market price) 2 covers to be served to customers, 1 to the Judges and 1 to be photographed.

Students are required to produce costings for their menu. Students will have half an hour beforehand to prepare their section and must organise themselves by writing a list of ingredients and utensils required before the day. (They can have longer than this if the individual college feels it necessary) Students should plan their competition time fifteen minutes within the set parameters to allow for nerves on the day and unforeseen circumstances.

Passion to Inspire


The Finals: 7th June 2016 – College of West Anglia – Kings Lynn

A maximum of 8 teams will be invited to the final

Judges for the final 2 FOH and 4 Kitchen

All kitchen teams will start at 9.30 am and finish at 11.30am – preparation time , FOH –will start at 9.30am and finish at 11.30 am .

Each team will be introduced to their guests .

The first team will start their service at midday and will have only 60 minutes for service, then each team will start at 15 minute intervals.
Please note:


  • Starter served between 15 and 30 minutes
  • Main Course 30 and 45 minutes
  • Dessert 45 and 60 minutes

Any food served outside these time limits will incur penalties.

Only one team of three will represent each college in the final .

(This will allow mentors to focus on just one team, NOTE mentors are not allowed to judge in the final)

Please try and use all Ingredients provided – you may add depending on your dishes – but please cross reference with me any company that wishes to sponsor any other ingredients or equipment.

In the final there will be an allowance of 3 hours in total

The teams will produce an additional course, so they will produce 3 courses for 4 covers

Cost will increase by £3.00 per head

a. one or part of one course must be served or finished at the table


Further details of the Final including ingredients will be released to all Finalists / Mentors and Lecturers on the 3rd May