5 Convention Catering Ideas to Make Your Event Prominent

One of the biggest challenges of putting on a conference of event is getting the catering right. If you want your event to be a success then a big part of the impression that attendees will leave with is the food that was served.


Although catering an event takes a lot of work, there are steps you can take to help it stand out from the crowd. Below are 5 great convention catering tips to make your event a success.

Convention Catering


#1. Cater To All Tastes


Even if the event is relatively small, you still want to make sure that the food you serve caters to all tastes. Therefore you should offer a good mix of food that includes meat dishes, pasta and of course vegetarian options.


Try to vary the food as much as possible and not focus too much on one type. Something that’s very popular at weddings now is to have different stations that serve one type of food. For example you could have one station that serves snacks such as sausage rolls and pretzels while another one offers healthy options such as salad and fruit.


#2. Don’t Neglect Presentation


Whilst the food itself is of course extremely important, you should never neglect its presentation. You should think about everything, from the bowls the food is served from to the decoration of the stands. Making an effort with how the food is presented will give attendees a very positive impression of the event.


#3. Sweet & Savoury


It’s not uncommon to see catering at conventions that focuses much too heavily on one type of food. They either offer all savoury dishes with a few token sweets thrown in as an afterthought, or they just offer sweet snacks with nothing really substantial to fill people up. To make sure your convention is a success you want to ensure that there’s a good mix of both sweet and savoury food on offer.


#4. Serve Great Finger Food


It’s important to remember that a big part of the reason that people attend conventions is to meet other people and network. Therefore offering simple finger foods that people can hold and snack on whilst mingling is always a good idea. Another great thing about finger foods is that they’re generally inexpensive and can be prepared ahead of time and served very easily.


#5. Make Coffee a Stand Out


It’s very common for conventions to put a lot of effort into the food they serve but treat hot drinks as an afterthought. With coffee being as popular as it is nowadays, why not go the extra mile and offer a range of flavoured coffees for attendees to choose from.


It’s not just the coffee itself that you can make an effort with though. For little extra expense you can offer guests fresh cream instead of powdered and also provide things such as cinnamon and honey. These little touches will go a long way to making the convention you put on that much more special in the mind of guests.


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