4 Things you need to be the Best Dressed Chef in the Kitchen

When working in a kitchen, some people believe your appearance doesn’t matter because you’re working behind-the-scenes. However, chefs are the leaders and artists of any restaurant so they need to look professional at all times. Wearing the right clothes for work shows you care about your job and you’re respectful of health regulations in the kitchen.

Chefs Dress

Here are the 4 things you need, to be the best dressed chef in the kitchen. Let’s start from head to toe.

Toque blanche

When working in a kitchen, long hair should always be tied back. It’s embarrassing to find out food has been returned because of a long strand of blond hair – your blond hair! Wearing a hairnet keeps hair out of your face but wearing a hat looks more professional. Your employer may tell you what hats they want their employees to wear so always check before you buy.

Paul Bocuse


The toque blanche is a popular hat for chefs because it’s stylish. The toque blanche (which means ‘white hat’ in french) is a hat which is usually considered a stereotypical feature of a chef. This traditional hat is a popular favourite for chefs because it shows your passion for your career.

Other hats that are appropriate for chefs are skull caps, mob caps and head scarves but the toque blanche is the favourite option for smartly dressed chefs.

White Chef Jacket

Another staple feature of a chef is the white jacket. Some employers let their chefs wear black jackets but wearing a clean white jacket shows off your experience. Avoiding soup splashes and grease splatters can feel like dodging through an obstacle course when working in a kitchen but veteran chefs who can complete a work shift wearing the same immaculate white jacket shows their experience.



When buying a chef jacket, always get one with a pen pocket. A pen pocket? This might sound like a strange specification for a jacket but this is a handy tool for all chefs. As you’re on your feet throughout most of your shift, it’s useful to have a pen with you at all times so you can quickly make a note or change an order request. Pens can easily get lost in the buzz of a kitchen and a pen pocket on the chest of your chef jacket is a quick and accessible place to grab your pen.

Black Pants

Next – pants. Some employers don’t mind what kind of pants their chefs wear as long as they wear a clean white jacket. So some chefs come into work wearing khaki trousers or even jeans. Any professional chef should wear black pants to work. They hide any food marks and remain looking smart throughout your shift. It’s good if you can wear black pants that are slightly baggy as they will help keep you cool and they’re more comfortable to wear when you have to stay on your feet for long hours at a time.

Chef Shoes


Finally, we’ve reached the feet of the professional chef. To complete the smart look, you need the right work shoes.

Shoes For Crews Mario Black can take on any slippy work surfaces

Chefs Shoes - Mario Black


Getting the best shoes for work is important for a chef. They protect feet from falling objects and hot liquids, and getting shoes with slip-resistance grip are perfect against work floors that are slippy from water and grease.

Shoes For Crews Luigi White is a popular favourite for chefs

Chefs Shoes - Luigi White


You can have more choice in the style of shoes you pick. Clogs, slip-on shoes and smart trainers are appropriate as long as they’re black or white, waterproof and slip-resistant. Slip-resistant work shoes for chefs are made with chefs in mind. The high quality material makes them easy to clean, they’re comfortable to wear for long hour shifts and they’re stylish. Wearing the right work shoes keeps chefs safe whilst they cook and reduces chances of accidental slips and falls.

Looking smart and professional is important for chefs who want to excel in their career. You will never be a head chef if you don’t dress appropriately for work. So dress correctly and be the best dressed chef in the kitchen.