3 Great Marketing Strategies For Fresh Food And Produce

People love shopping for fresh food and produce and will typically go looking for the freshest ingredients at the best prices. We are aware that many items of fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, contain essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will help to keep us and our families fed and healthy. This is also why most people go shopping at least a few times a week, as they want to keep stocked up on fresh produce and not simply rely on their freezers for family meals. However, if you are selling fresh fruit and vegetables how do you get the word out about your business. This post will introduce you to three fantastic marketing strategies for food.


Marketing Strategies For Fresh Food

Produce Stands



You will see produce stands far more often nowadays, typically either as part of a farmer’s market or even as an addition to a supermarket or grocery store. If you are going this route you must ensure that you only stock the freshest of items, foods that will appeal and look attractive to passers-by. You should organise your produce in a way it is easy for potential customers to identify and also see everything you have on offer. A great way to do this is to have the most colourful and noticeable produce at the top of your display, as this will instantly catch people’s attention. You may even want to cut up a few ingredients and have them available on plates as samples for people to try.


Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets have certainly become more popular in recent years and are often seen at Christmas, Birthdays and other special occasions. However, they make the perfect and healthy present to be gifted at any time of the year. You can purchase baskets made from wood or wicker of all different shapes and sizes and you may even want to line them with attractive towels or dish cloths. You should also cover everything in colourful netting, as this once again will enhance its visual appeal, as well as keeping items of fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Your gift baskets may have a particular theme to them, such as baskets containing only citrus fruits, whereas other baskets will contain only tropical fruits. You can also add these to one of your fresh product displays, which means you can even make baskets up to order there and then.


Media Marketing


You could advertise via the media, but this will very much depend on your budget. You may want to take photographs of your fresh food, fruit and vegetable display and have these advertised in a newspaper or magazine. You should include prices of the items, as well as any special deals or special items, such as gift baskets, you may be offering. You could find out if your local area has a regular newsletter or circular and see if you can advertise in there. If your money stretches far enough you may also be interested in radio or television adverts. Admittedly, this will cost a lot more money than most forms of marketing, but you will typically be reaching a far wider audience and more potential customers.



Anna David is a consultant at Fresh Produce Displays, which is a firm offering specialized food displays. Whenever she isn’t busy, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.