Revolutionising Commercial Kitchens

The competition for commercial kitchen space has grown dramatically over the past decade, as the Ductless Canopycatering world continues to evolve and the demands from customers continue to grow.

Where once sites were specifically designed for commercial kitchen use, many now find themselves in commercial properties, such as shopping centres, and listed buildings in an effort to find footfall. In the developed world that we live in, it’s not uncommon to find a restaurant now residing in old railway arches or in a basement.


But whilst this creative move has meant that the catering industry is now booming and offering a plethora of unique dining experiences, the restrictions of these premises has often meant that they have no access to vent cooking fumes outside. Something which as a healthy and safety feature, can not only affect the kitchen staff working in the environment, but can begin to impact upon the quality of food which is being served.


Ductless CanopyWorking hard to find a solution that can improve many current kitchen conditions, CanopyUK has developed the first ductless extraction system which can be fitted with no requirement for outside access.

Removing smoke, odours and filtering the build up of grease, the new system has been warmly welcomed by the catering industry and has already been fitted in many well known restaurant brands in the UK.
Balancing on the edge of the Food Standards Agency requirements, this is an invention which is hoped will continue to see more unique outlets grow and more independent restaurants thrive without the costly start-up fees.

The technology and innovation that is now being introduced into the catering industry is revolutionary compared to some of the out dated systems we were only using a decade ago, and this is just one that’s making waves.