10 Things Chefs Never Tell You

Why have Chefs never told you these things? Because they are obviously things that happen and you don’t have to hear them from them to know that they are real. Thankfully most of the chefs who participated in the AuVisa survey admitted that these tended to be from years past and the industry has moved into a more professional role these days.

Chefs Secrets


One of the main one is, when chefs go out on Sundays or Mondays, they do not order fish from the menu, because restaurants don’t have fresh deliveries on Sundays. So if you order for fish on Sunday or Monday in a restaurant, it is definitely not fresh.

Most chefs don’t like working on New Year Eve more than any other holidays. This is followed by valentine day, but they admit that, they love it when couples get engaged in their restaurants on Valentine’s Day.

According to surveys carried out, most chefs admitted to having served food that dropped down on the floor or returns bread from one basket to another basket and serve it to a new customer. This is an alarming 25 percent of chefs who admitted to doing so. This is of much concern to health inspectors.

When it comes to cleanliness, most chefs claim that their restaurants are clean, but it is a known fact that cockroaches go where there is food and water. And restaurants having food and water in the kitchen, are a perfect home for cockroaches. So Chefs cannot claim that their kitchens are cockroaches free; what they can do is to make sure they get rid of them as soon as one is located.

Some Chefs interviewed claim that they have seen cooks do terrible things to customers food like using meat products in dishes claimed to be for vegetarians. Others dish-wash steak sent back to the kitchen and re-serve it to a satisfied customer.

( Urban Myth? )

Did you know that a majority of Chefs come to work when then are sick or with injuries? Remember, they are preparing food or at least they will be around the food being prepared for you. During meal preparations, chefs get cut or injured, go for stitching and come back to continue preparing what they were preparing. This is a long time tradition in the hotel industry whereby, a chef has to be at work, unless hospitalized.

( I once de-boned half of my finger during the middle of service. Rather then stop service, we wrapped it tightly, popped on a surgical glove and carried on, only visiting A & E after service …. the show must go on )

Most chefs don’t like too demanding customers. When you are a vegetarian, don’t try to tell the chef to add “ a little chicken stock”; remember you are a vegetarian and vegetarians don’t eat chicken.

Wines sold in restaurants are more than two times expensive as compared to wines sold in wine stores.

(If the Government removed zero VAT on fresh food, we would not have to charge as much on wine to recoup the lost revenue )

Most restaurants are not original add-ons on their menu list; they copy each other and that is why you will get a dish served in one restaurant being served in several other restaurants.

Menu specials are mostly experimental dishes the chefs are trying out. The chefs might be using old ingredients or be emptying out the fridge using the “Menu Special” offer.

The chefs might not be telling you the above things because they want you to be their friend and not an enemy. They want you to fall in love with what they are preparing for you. The chef has done their homework and they know who to prioritize when it comes to serving and you will automatically fall into their trap without thinking twice when they serve you with the appetizing dish. They don’t need the sunshine to shine as they know, even in winter, you will automatically get your vitamin D from the food they prepare.

Enjoy the Chef’s special. The Chef will appreciate it when you choose this dish!