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About Us

The purpose of chefsworld™ is to empower chefs in both the marketplace and the workplace. To enable us to become a driving force in the marketplace by opening up communication channels between like-minded chefs and employers.

You can register and use ChefsWorld as a chef or an employer. The services offered are detailed below.

For Chefs

Choosing a career, as a Chef is synonymous with demanding, creative, challenging and dynamic work environments. The nature of the industry ensures constant change with styles and types of food served around the globe. It can also lead to being taken advantage of, high agency fees and disreputable employers.

This is the reason for the creation of Chefsworld™ – a website created for chefs, by chefs.

The site is two-fold:


• You can rate your present and past employers online – giving others the vital information that you rarely know until to late.
• Add your CV to the site for prospective employers to contact you. All contact is through your member’s page and internal mail, secure and confidential. Your name will only appear if you choose to show it.
• Access job adverts placed by potential employers.
• Add your CV to the Relief Chef section when you require additional income.
• Fulltime relief chefs can add CV, rate of pay etc. to the site and be contacted directly by the client.



Access the forums to discuss anything from recipes to advice to the latest kitchen equipment. As long as the discussion revolves around chefs, the topics are limitless.


Membership is FREE. This gives you access to all areas; Full use of the communication console requires membership.

Please note that in these early stages of development all jobs posted relate to UK employers. We welcome all chefs globally to use the site and the free membership available.

Some job adverts will not display contact details, the apply button will forward your c.v and message to the employer (need to register to upload c.v).

For Employers

Chefsworld is the website by chefs for chefs. As such, the information is accurate, detailed, appropriate and direct.

To search our CV database and to place an ad, please start by registering with us. Registration provides you with your own "inbox" and allows you to manage your own account. Click here to register

The various search criteria are categorised in regions and job titles to enable targeted searches.

The services available are:
1. Benefit from Discounted prices with the Job Pack
1 Job Advert £10 £10
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3 Job Adverts * £25 £8.33
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5 Job Adverts £40 £8.00
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10 Job Adverts £70 £7.00
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20 Job Adverts £120 £6.00
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* The 3 Advert package allows employers to place one advert and renew / modify
the advert for upto 90days, providing your advert maximum exposure.

Services 1 – 3 also provide access to relief chefs and consultants.

The search CV service allows you to short list candidates and to send a message directly to the chosen chefs. Job ads are placed in the chef’s section and include a link to allow chefs to contact you directly.

Advice for Recruiting and Retaining your Chef

The most important and critical aspect to understand and implement; is that the chef is your business. Without a good client experience, your business is vulnerable.

Extract from one of today’s leading and most successful restaurateurs, Gordon Ramsay

"My answer to anyone remotely interested in how we run restaurants is that any new restaurant concept must always start with the chef. Not with the location, not with the restaurant designer and not with the smooth talking front-of-house manager. The passion, the focus and drive of the chef are what will make the restaurant work. Ultimately, we believe it will be his menu that people come to taste.”

The full article can be viewed in the Chefs Forums under ‘A must read article’.

Identify and recruit the right chef.

If you are recruiting a ‘Head Chef’, why then advertise,” this would suit a Sous Chef ready for his first role as ‘Head Chef’?
This chef is your business, are you then going to take a chance that he may or may not be ready to drive your profits forward!

Similarly why recruit a Chef for a franchised ‘retail park’ restaurant when what you are looking for is a ‘line cook’ not a Chef.


Recruitment agencies and catering magazines give you industry standard salary guidelines. ChefsWorld looks at the Relief Chef market.

An average Chef De Partie who is working the relief circuit can expect to earn up to £25 000 per annum, compared to the ‘industry standard’ of £16 000.

Why would I offer this?

A large percentage of smaller successful businesses are balancing the salaries offered, with profit related bonuses. Another increasingly popular option is profit related share options.

So how does this work towards retaining my Chef and still running a profitable business?

Your Chef will now spend most of his waking hours in the kitchen, how do you keep the passion and drive crucial to your business?

Spending a week or two weeks a year (not holiday entitlement) in another kitchen similar to your business keeps your Chef up to date with new styles and trends. ChefsWorld networking area can be useful to find available properties; you would also benefit your kitchen by registering and having fresh ideas and talent in your kitchen periodically.

Your kitchen needs to be maintained, apart from being the core of your business, the chef/s need to have the right equipment for the task at hand and that equipment needs to be maintained to ensure a healthy working environment.

Your business model should be worked around your kitchen and what that kitchen is capable of producing, similarly your dining areas should be worked around your kitchen. The kitchen size and design will dictate the size and style of the menu and dining capacity.

Kitchen misconception

The lowly Kitchen porter paid minimum wage and left to get on with it as he/ she sees fit.

You have just entrusted all your business assets to this person. A pot, pan, plate, knife, glass if cleaned, maintained and stored correctly will last indefinatly, reducing your outlay and increase profits.

In most of Europe’s leading kitchens the lowly kitchen porters are paid bonuses based on asset retention.

ChefsWorld is also available to consult on individual business needs. Please use the ‘contact us, page for this service.

As chefsworld is a chef’s site, if you are having difficulty finding a chef we may be able to offer advice on how to word your job ad to attract the right chef and what the industry related salaries are. We can also send you comments from chefs as to what attracts and keeps them.

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